CSS Happy Hour with Professor David Holm, and Professor Chou Chia-Yu

CSS Happy Hour with Professor David Holm, and Professor Chou Chia-Yu

t was a great evening on October 19th, 2018. Colledge of Social Sccience was been honor from Professor David Holm from the Department of Ethnology, and it was been honor also welcoming Professor Chou Chia-Yu from Department of Politics, giving presentations during the CSS Happy Hour.

Professor David Holm gave a presentation about Tay language, which has been used in southeast of China and north of Vietnam. The professor’s presentation involved a lot of indigenous knowledge.  He stated that human society and also a natural system is analyzed into a so-called self-organizing system.  Professor Holm discovered that ability to organize people-selves into the whole system, in which the whole is more than just a part. The anthology of the study of what exists in the universe.  The Idea of all human culture is equal value.  Modern society has much value but no more value than average society in a very different technological level.  All of the culture and human system, sustaining system has the same value and should be investigating the knowledge that they contain that is not contained in any other society.


At the boarder line of the South China and the Northern Vietnam, there are two same kind cultures existing in the two national jurisdictions.  Tay ethic group of Vietnam and Zhuang people of Guangxi province in China, for the most part, speak the same dialect.  Also, their cultures are very similar in some manners.  The self organized system comes from the Tay Ethnic group, the second largest group in Vietnam.  The Tay people have their own language, broadly known as Tay.  The Tay language is closely related to Thai language and Laos language, in many cases, they could understand each other and in someway make connections.  These language families are spread across the South China and all the way through the Southeast Asia.


In the early 1900s, Tay language was widely spoken in the Tay habitat and commonly thought in primary school and secondary school.  Textbooks were precisely written in Tay learning language.  This matter put great emphasis on the use of Tay language.  Some of character of Tay language are the same as Chinese, but may use in similar or different ways.  It was not until a later day that textbooks written in Tay language were prohibited to study in Guangxi province and were replaced with the Chinese books.

At the end of the Happy Hour, we were given a short presentation by Professor Chou Chia-Yu. The Professor Chou Chia-Yu is a new professor of Department of Politics. She graduated from University of York, UK. Professor Chou gave us the interesting presentation about Clash on East and West Philosophies. The main thesis of the presentation was about translating western philosophy and value into Taiwanese society and to create own value and norm supporting value of the regime or value behind the regime.

November 9, 2018

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