A Meeting with Dean Chiang

A Meeting with Dean Chiang

n October 18th, students of the College of Social Sciences were treated to an audience with their esteemed Dean of NCCU’s College of Social Sciences, Professor Min-Hsiu Chiang. As well as hearing the Dean’s vision for the future of CSS, students had the opportunity to draw on the wisdom of Prof. Chiang during a lively question and answer session. Prof. Chiang is a familiar face around the college, and is a central figure in CSS’s quest to become a crucial social sciences research centre in the Asia Pacific region. As well as leading CSS, Dean Chiang also holds the title of Distinguished Professor in the Department of Public Administration. His fields of expertise are The Third Sector, Human Resources Management, Research Methodology and Cross-Sectoral Governance.

Addressing a packed out lecture hall on the 13th floor, Dean Chiang first introduced the College of Social Sciences to the attendees, emphasising the contributions that the social sciences make to society, as well as the important role that social science students of NCCU can make to wider society. Study of the social sciences gives students a strong foundation in all aspects of society, as well as helping to foster their feelings of altruism towards other members of society. The Dean was ably assisted in sharing ideas on society by a number of outstanding professors from the college – Jen-te Pai, Tong-yi Huang, Chien-kang Chen, Kuo-kuei Kao and the meeting was moderated by Mei-Chuan Wei. Following the Dean’s introductory speech and vision for CSS, there was a presentation session for outstanding students who received awards as social innovation ambassadors.

Finally, there was the question and answer session between students, the Dean and the other professors. Students were free to ask the learned opinion of Prof. Chiang on any matter that they needed guidance on. Questions covered a wide range of topics – from how to deal with exam pressure and time management all the way to the choice of seats within the gymnasium. The Dean provided authoritative answers as well as calming the fears of nervous students. The meeting with the Dean is reflective of some of the most positive aspects of studying in Taiwan, in particular the free flow of ideas and commitment to democratic ideals, as well as showcasing the CSS’s ‘free and innovative social style.’ Seminars such as this are important for those with years of expertise in social science to share their experience with those who are just beginning their journey, as well as allowing feedback and ideas to flow from the bottom-up. I think it is fair to say that everyone left the session keenly anticipating.

November 8, 2018

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